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UPVC Window Spraying

Thought those UPVC windows and doors couldn't be repainted? Think again...

Our UPVC window spraying services are the perfect way to give those existing windows and doors a new lease of life and make a home feel like new... Without having to even remove the existing fittings!

Replacing doors and windows always causes surrounding mess and a long list of jobs to bring your home back to life, no matter how clean the job is. With UPVC spray painting, you can expect a quick, clean and hassle free transformation from old to new. Say goodbye to brush marks, and hello to a durable finish that leaves a factory finish look.

How We Do It

Our spray painting takes us across London and the surrounding counties. So whether you're looking for a new front door respray in Windsor, or new life in those front and rear windows in Romford, we are here to help.



You can transform the look of your home for a fraction of the cost with our UPVC spraying service. Over time, all UPVC windows and doors can end up looking worn over the years. Don't fall into the trap of costly replacements and use our cost effective alternative.

Airless Spraying is perfect for:

  • UPVC Windows
  • UPVC Doors
  • UPVC Doors
  • UPVC Conservatories
  • UPVC Garage Doors
  • UPVC Facias
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The Perfect Colour for You

At the Spraying Company, you can choose from a vast variety of paints that can be applied to virtually any substrate. UPVC and wood refinishing can be turned around in a single day. With our wide range of charts, choosing a colour couldn’t be more simple. All colours can be chosen in any sheen level, including; Semi Gloss, Full gloss, Eggshell, Satin and Matt.



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“Thanks to these guys, our house looks amazing! We didn't really know what to expect but after having all the UPVC windows front and back of the house done.

We were so pleased with the result! They've totally transformed the look of our home!

Very, very good prompt service, would Definitely recommend them! Brilliant job!”


 - Colour change and makeover to UPVC doors and windows.


Just drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and create a tailored no obligation quote to help make your dream a reality.

You can check out our Services page for details on all of the on site spraying services we offer.


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UPVC Windows & Doors Spray Painting in London